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uni POSCA Acrylic Paint Marker – 8 Marker All White & Black Sets

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uni POSCA Acrylic Paint Marker – 8 Marker All White Set includes all eight tip sizes in white (PCF-350 brush, PC-1MR extra-fine, PC-1M extra-fine tapered, PC-3M fine, PC-5M medium, PC-7M broad, PC-8K broad chisel, PC-17K extra-broad)


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Water mixable Oils

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Water mixable oil colors

Painting with Cobra water mixable oil colors is the same as painting with traditional oil paint, and provides a perfect oil paint result with a uniform drying time and degree of gloss. The paint can be applied using all the usual oil paint techniques. The color as well as the brush stroke or applied texture retains its full expression after the paint has dried: the paint remains as it was when applied.

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Dots ‘N Doodles provides fine art materials supplies, classes, workshops, and presentations to art enthusiasts near Astoria, along the Oregon coast and the South West Washington coast. We have art supplies for all levels of experience and interest and we also provide workshops and classes which we do in conjunction with The Astoria Art Loft. We believe it’s important for our local art community to grow and thrive and we work to create new opportunities for new artists every day. We’re happy to share our knowledge with our customers and we provide friendly service to anyone looking to improve their skills.  Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies is committed to helping the local art community by providing affordable art materials. We network with our community by informing artists of new relevant products and events, and by offering a collection of helpful workshops and classes. To stay current on our latest classes, products, events, and advice, sign up for our newsletter, or visit our Facebook page.

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