“Sandi Kelley” Advanced Zentangle

October 27, 2017 @ 6:33 pm – 7:33 pm
the Astoria Art Loft
106 3rd St
Astoria, OR 97103
Jeannette Davis

October  “Sandi Kelley”  Advanced Zentangle

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Saturday, October 28th

Time:  10:00am  – – 4:00pm

Cost:  $30 – plus materials

Making the Dollar: Sandi Kelley, certified Zentangle teacher
Sandi Kelley teaches Zentangle.

Published on February 5, 2015 9:52AM

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EDWARD STRATTON — The Daily Astorian

Sandi Kelley is a certified Zentagle teacher based in Astoria

Sandi Kelley

Certified Zentangle Teacher




There’s a difference between Zentangle and mere doodling, says Sandi Kelley, and the difference is focus. She teaches Zentangle, a meditative process of drawing structured patterns (www.zentangle.com). Kelley, based in Warrenton, teaches classes by appointment and has pieces shown in various local galleries and at Coffee Addiction in Warrenton. Kelley can also be found on her website, www.tanglesandthreads.com/

What is it that you do?

“What I do is instruct and teach the art known as Zentangle. There’s been a lot of misconception when it comes to Zentangle. A lot of people, their knee-jerk reaction is how can they put a trademark on art. And that’s not what they’ve done. They’ve trademarked the name, the word Zentangle. But what Zentangle is, it’s not art, it’s actually a process of breaking down patterns and putting them into simple lines and simple strokes of the pen, to recreate them on paper.”

How did you get into this business?

“I was searching the big time-suck, Pinterest, and I came across some Zentangle work somebody had done, and I had never heard of it before. So immediately you go to the source, I went to zentangle.com, and found out more about it. Not only is it an art, it’s a very Zen-like, if you practice it every day. If you want to use it as a therapy, it works great, because it’s really easy to get lost in the focus of what you’re doing. I’ve been teaching now for two years, and it’s really hard to get into the school, because they only have five classes a year, and they’re usually booked within a week of notification. You have to go to the East Coast, to Providence, R.I., and you’re taught by the people who created Zentangle.”

Who are your main clientele?

“People who just are intrigued by the fact that we say there are no mistakes and anybody can do it. I was skeptical when I saw the stuff that was posted online. I doodled when I was in high school, but it never looked like this. This looks like doodling to me, and it looks like doodling to a lot of people. It’s been older, younger. I’ve had several men in my classes, but mostly women.”

What are some of the quirks or challenges of running your business?

“Mostly getting people to understand what it is and what it isn’t. I had a booth at the Sunday Market, and some people get really pugilistic about it being a trademark. And there was one lady who wouldn’t let me take a breath, she was so adamant that it was a terrible thing to do. My guess is that most people who think it’s not really an art to do this are people who could create this without a class, whose doodles actually look like something. But for those of us who had no talent and had doodles that were just pen marks, once I figured I could do it, anybody could do it, because I had no background, no talent, nothing when I started.”

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