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Workshops & Events

Throughout the year Dots ‘N Doodles will host various events such as our annual Open House and a variety of visiting artist workshops and product demonstrations. We also support our local community partners such as The Astoria Art Loft, listing their classes on our calendar as well as other local community events.

The workshops, demonstrations and events are listed below with sign up instructions and contact information. Each listing will provide a description of the event, the place, the time, the dates, the fees (if applicable) and other pertinent information.

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At this years open Mixed Media Open House 2016 we had fabulous reps, as well as being great people and friends,  from a variety of companies such as Speedball, Faber-Castell, Strathmore, Richeson and much more.  We had a great time – check out the pictures in our gallery.



Mixed Media Beaded Painting @ HOFFMAN CENTER FOR THE ARTS
Jun 1 @ 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Art Workshop

Mixed Media Beaded Painting
with Beth Yazhari
June 1, 2019 | 10:30am to 3:30pm

Tuition $100 | Materials Fee: $35
Hoffman Center for the Arts | 594 Laneda Avenue | Manzanita

Beaded Painting

Mixed Media Beaded Butterfly Workshop: Painting with Reflection

Beaded Painting

This is a one-day workshop led by Portland artist, Beth Yazhari, the workshop will focus on creating one-of-a-kind painted backgrounds and on embellishing butterflies with hand-sewn beads. A simple technique employing acrylic paint and saran wrap will be used to create richly textured backdrops on canvases, which will be built up using layers of complementary colors and allowed to dry. Fabric butterflies will be collaged onto the canvases. Beads will be sewn on by hand with the canvases functioning as embroidery hoops.

Participants will be provided with a variety of beads, butterflies cut from different patterned fabrics, and a variety of vintage textiles to create their collages. While all materials are provided, Yazhari encourages participants to bring their own family heirloom textiles or jewelry to incorporate into their pieces. Yazhari says:

“It is a great opportunity to incorporate personally meaningful
artifacts into an original piece of art!”

Yazhari, who holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, and BA in English Literature from Northwestern University turns to a range of influences, from the abstract work of Mark Tobey and Miriam Schapiro to vintage beadwork and traditional textile techniques for inspiration. The themes of her work revolve around elevating the status of women, honoring and purposefully bringing together design motifs of diverse cultures, and creating harmony and beauty out of bits and pieces.

She is often drawn to the motif of butterflies, which not only lend themselves to ornamental and balanced compositions, but symbolize change, hope and the soul in many spiritual traditions. Examples of her intricate beaded paintings, many of which incorporate antique hand-embroidered fabrics from around the globe.

Painting the Portrait and Landscape/Seascape in Watercolor @ TEAA Center
Aug 10 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Stan Miller
Painting the Portrait and Landscape/Seascape in Watercolor
August 10,11,12
9 am-4 pm
$350 non-members $325 members (Registration Deadline: July 26, 2019)
A special opportunity to study under master Watercolor artist Stan Miller.  In 2018 , Stan won First Place for Portraiture in the Global Association of Watercolorists, International Competition and the Juror of Awards (3 judges) at the American Watercolor Society International Exhibition in New York City.More about he and his work can be found at​

Students are given an option each day of doing either a portrait, seascape, or landscape. Using pre-made notes, Stan demonstrate subjects, and they choose one of them.  Students also have the option of using their own images. Each student gets individual attention to cover technique, color, choosing paintable subjects, design, portrait backgrounds and more. Material’s List.
Creativity and Composition (All Mediums) @ TEAA Center
Aug 16 @ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm


Ruth Armitage
Creativity and Composition (All Mediums)
August 16,17,18
9:30 am-3:30 pm  

$350 per student. (Registration Deadline: July 19, 2019)
Whether you work in paint, pastels, or multi-media, Ruth Armitage’s workshop is a must to explore and develop your own style. Ruth has earned signature membership in the National Watercolor Society and member of several regional Watercolor Societies. She is President Emeritus of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and has served as Oregon’s Delegate to the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

Get beyond working from a photograph to create expressive and creative paintings with a wow factor. We’ll cover letting go of ‘reality’ to different degrees, design and composition and choosing subject matter. Ruth breaks down the creative process and guides you through the trenches. You’ll walk away with new-found confidence and ideas for future work. Suitable for all levels and all media. Material’s List. More at Ruth can be found at

Oil and Cold Wax @ TEAA Center
Aug 19 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Lynne Wintermute

Lynne Wintermute
Oil and Cold Wax
August 19, 20, 21
10 am-3 pm. 

$250 non-members $200 members  Registration Deadline: (August 5, 2019)
Lynne is a Pacific City, Oregon professional artist brings wicked good eclectic skills to this ancient process and a dynamic personality to her teaching.  Her oil and cold wax paintings are astonishingly unique and we are lucky to have her share her secrets.

Oil and Cold Wax is an ancient technique using Multiple layers of cold wax blended with Gamblin oils and Galkyd give a unique, luminescence and depth to each painting. Using scraping brings forth layers of color from underneath the wax glaze and add texture and form and multi-media techniques add more depth and texture. Includes some supplies. Material’s List. More about Lynne,

Paint like Monet (All Mediums) @ TEAA Center
Aug 22 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Paint like MonetClaude Monet

Lynne Wintermute
Paint like Monet (All Mediums)
August 22, 23, 24
10 am-3 pm 

$250 non-members $200 members (Registration Deadline: August 5, 2019)
Join us this popular and lively workshop on impressionism. Monet’s techniques on impressionism are revealed and students will experience learning in the old master method of reproducing the effects.  Students will complete three paintings of their own. All  media including pastels, acrylic, watercolor or oil will enjoy this course. Includes some supplies. Materials List.  More about Lynne,