ARTGRAF Watersoluble Artist Graphite


ArtGraf Is Now Available
at Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies
ARTGRAF Watersoluble Artist Graphite


by Viarco

Viarco is a family owned business since 1907 located near Porto in northern Portugal. They have developed exclusive blends of graphite, carbon and binders to produce some of the highest quality sketching materials available to artists today.

NEW! Art Graf Primay Color Set & Discs

Primary Color Set
 These 3 new primary color discs are made with the same formula as the Earth Tone discs. Extremely soft and water soluble, the discs can be mixed to produce an infinite numbers of shades and hues from transparent to opaque. Perfect for drawing and painting.The cork set comes with all 3 new primary colors.


Yellow Blue Red

Made with the same properties as the original water soluble graphite, the graphite powder now allows the artist to formulate their own shades and hues. Use a little, use a lot. The possibilities are endless.

 ArtGraf Water soluble Chalks in Earth tones

Art Graf blended exclusive pigments and binders and created Art Graf Tailors Chalks. These exciting new tools are perfect for drawing or painting on dry or wet surfaces.
Perfect for travel or for artist on the go.
5 new colors and a new cork set complete with all 6 colors.

Graphite Sticks
A unique blend of graphite and binders allow the sticks to be used dry or with water soluble techniques. Artist are able to achieve a large range of washes and grays with these sticks.




Water Soluble Carbon Disc
A unique disc of intense black carbon that can be used dry or with water soluble techniques. Allows for a wide range of shades and can even be used directly with a brush.



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