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Tips and Tools for Drawing on Rocks

Per request of and threat by author I am deleting this blog post author – here is her note to me:

“Hi There – I’ve noticed that you’ve lifted an entire blog post of mine from and posted it here It is actually illegal to lift and copy an entire copyrighted blog post. Hoping it was just a mistake. You are welcome to use a single picture from the post and link it back to my own blog post if you’d like, but you can not use the post in it’s entirety. I ask that you please remove it immediately before I ask my lawyer to get involved. If you could email me at once it has been changed that would be great.”


My response:

So sorry. I am happy to remove it. There was no malintent here, in fact I thought it was a nice way to promote and direct people to you also. I will remove it. However I must say that your tone is quite rude and obnoxious and was not necessary. I would happily accommodate you or anyone else for that matter, but I assumed wrongly that that the art community was a sharing.  I was wrong. I will never reference you again. Have a nice day.

I was written by Sam the author tonight and we have resolved the issue.  She wrote:

Hi Dots n Doodles…First off, thank you. I see that you removed my blog post and that it was just an honest mistake that you posted without knowing the entire blog post was copyrighted. As I reread my response I can see how the tone was more harsh then I intended. Unfortunately I have had material stolen quite often over the years so my standard response now is to try to be more firm as in the past a simple request didn’t seem to do the job. I see now that it’s better to give someone the benefit of the doubt and let them fix the mistake first before having to resort to other communication. Thank you again for fixing the mistake and sorry for the tone of my first email…clearly I made a mistake also.

…and I responded:
Thank you Sam – I appreciate that.  My goal is always to share but I also believe in giving the authors full credit.  Take care.

Warm regards,
So the misunderstanding has been resolved. 🙂


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