The Astoria Art Loft October 2nd Saturday Art Walk


The Astoria Art Loft
October 2nd Saturday Art Walk
Sharon Caulkins
What do you do with old floats?  Some people hang them from trees, others throw them around the yard, and others let them lie where they fall.  Artists, especially one north coast artist,  makes good use of them.  Sharon Caulkins uses floats as a support for acrylic paintings of the ocean, rivers, sea animals and other North Coast scenes.  Unafraid to tackle unusual surfaces, Caulkings also paints on rocks.
Sharon Caulkins, born with an incredible artistic gift, is a self-taught artist.    Eager to learn as much as possible, she has learned to paint with watercolor, acrylic, oil, mixed media, and to become proficient with tole painting, china painting, and murals, etc.
Caulkins says she will paint on anything that will hold still and that is true.  She paints murals on wooden panels (kitchen cupboards, kitchen islands, etc.), on large  brass screens, helmets, shovels, crosscut saws, trucks, motorcycles, and carousel horses.  Her work has been featured in several art magazines.
Caulkins will exhibit her unique art at the Astoria Art Loft in October.  For more information, please ca;; 530.325.4442 or stop by the Astoria Art Loft, 106 Third Street, Astoria, OR.
The Astoria Art Loft
October 2nd Saturday Art Walk
October 2017
Caron Lewis will exhibit her oil paintings at the Astoria Art Loft during October.    Her paintings reflect her love for the ocean, for animals, and nature. Canadian by birth, but a U.S. citizen and long-time resident, Lewis has studied the OR coast from one end to the other.  Her seascapes capture the wildness and the magnificence of the pounding surf.
Along with her passion for painting nature, Lewis is drawn to portraits.  Her portraits are marked by the compelling eyes and the velvety and delicate skin tones.  She continues to study portraiture and participates in a month-long workshop in portraits each year.
The Astoria Art Loft features Caron Lewis and other local artists.  Visit during the week, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-ish to 4 p.m.  Enjoy watching the resident artists create in their studios, other artists painting/drawing during Open Studio  (Tuesday, Thursday,  Friday, Saturday), and watch art technique videos and movies on Fridays.
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