Newsletter Dots ‘N Doodles March 2016

Newsletter- Saturday April 9th (ARTWALK)

Dots ‘N Doodles News Update
March 2016
Out For The Day
Dots ‘N Doodles will be closed on
Friday, April 1st
Due to a medical appointment…sorry for the inconvenience.


Sign Up Now: Ward Jene Stroud – watercolor artist
Saturday, April 9th 1:00 pm
Join Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies & The Astoria Art Loft
in welcoming watercolor artist Wade Stroud and Cindy Black
for a day of BRUSHO watercolor painting.
10:00 am – 12:00 pm …. Dots ‘N Doodles –  demonstration & question and answers
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm …….. Art Loft –  Watercolor painting with BRUSHO – $20.00/person
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm …….. The Astoria Art Loft –  demonstration & question and answers


sign up by calling 503-325-5081 for the $20.00 2/hour workshop


Ward Jene Stroud
A modern renaissance man…

Some of Ward’s earliest memories are of sitting with his mother, a Yaqui Indian Native, making music and drawing. She would make a small scribble on a piece of paper and
challenge him to “make something” from it.  She inspired, through her encouragement of vision and imagination, Ward’s joy and love of art.

Artist Statement
“In every moment of our lives, everything we do and who we are is a culmination of what we have experienced. I have assembled some of life’s greatest lessons working as a professional artist, musician, photographer, and dancer. My life’s body of work, lessons, and experiences is the well that I draw from in order to create. It is my “butterfly-chasing, dreamer” journey.
Please join me!” / Ward Jene Stroud

Brusho Crystal Colors are amazingly versatile watercolor ink crystals that can be used in a myriad of different ways. Incredibly vivid, vibrant, and brilliant, they open up a world of possibilities for painters, mixed media artists, and crafters of every level, from student to professional.

Totally intermixable, Brusho Crystal Colors can be used on paper, canvas, or even wood. Sprinkle them directly on a wet substrate and watch intriguing organic patterns appear almost like magic. Or sprinkle Brusho Colors on a wet brush, painting knife, or texture tool to create a variety of gorgeous effects. You can dissolve them in water and apply them with a spray bottle, or add them to wax paste or gel mediums for body. The instructional leaflet shows you all the basics and is sure fuel your drive to experiment.

NewsletterManufactured in Sheffield, England, for more than 35 years, Brusho Crystal Colors are completely non-toxic and non-hazardous.


Kirarina Markers from COPIC
Now available at Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies
Personalize your life with the newly released 2win oil-based pen from Kirarina. Each double-sided pen comes in two original Kirarina colors. These pens stick to any surface and come in a wide range of vibrant colors. The variety of colors allows you to customize your arts and crafts, accessories and much more! This product is fun on a variety of surfaces, including paper, photo, glass, plastic, and cloth. When using these markers on glass, the darker colors will show up better. Not dishwasher safe.
starts at $2.49

Acid free
2 sets available
Sticks to any surface
2 colors in each marker
Fine nib for detailed work
Round nib for broad strokes
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