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Art Supplies Advice
new website for artists
Check out his great new site. If you are searching to join an art community where questions can be answered, information found or great sources and feedback on art materials and stores check out Art Supplies Advice
Visit Art Supplies Advice Facebook page to find out more about the web launch May 1st.

Made up almost exclusively of artists
Interact with retailers and other artists
Find useful information related to art supplies and artists
Find out what’s trending and where
Resource support- an independent, informational and non-commercial website delivering a wealth of trusted, intelligent information.
Tell the industry what you want, what’s working and what’s not.


Ward Stroud – Brusho watercolor workshop

Sign Up Now: Ward Jene Stroud – watercolor artist
Saturday, April 9th 1:00 pm
 at Dots ‘N Doodles and the Astoria Art Loft
Join Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies & The Astoria Art Loft
in welcoming watercolor artist Wade Stroud and Cindy Black
for a day of BRUSHO watercolor painting.
10:00 am – 12:00 pm …. Dots ‘N Doodles –  demonstration & question and answers
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm …….. Art Loft –  Watercolor painting with BRUSHO – $20.00/person
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm …….. The Astoria Art Loft –  demonstration & question and answers
sign up by calling 503-325-5081 for the $20.00 2/hour workshop
Ward Jene Stroud
A modern renaissance man…
Some of Ward’s earliest memories are of sitting with his mother, a Yaqui Indian Native, making music and drawing. She would make a small scribble on a piece of paper and
challenge him to “make something” from it.  She inspired, through her encouragement of vision and imagination, Ward’s joy and love of art.
Artist Statement
“In every moment of our lives, everything we do and who we are is a culmination of what we have experienced. I have assembled some of life’s greatest lessons working as a professional artist, musician, photographer, and dancer. My life’s body of work, lessons, and experiences is the well that I draw from in order to create. It is my “butterfly-chasing, dreamer” journey.
Please join me!” / Ward Jene Stroud

Brusho Crystal Colors are amazingly versatile watercolor ink crystals that can be used in a myriad of different ways. Incredibly vivid, vibrant, and brilliant, they open up a world of possibilities for painters, mixed media artists, and crafters of every level, from student to professional.

Totally intermixable, Brusho Crystal Colors can be used on paper, canvas, or even wood. Sprinkle them directly on a wet substrate and watch intriguing organic patterns appear almost like magic. Or sprinkle Brusho Colors on a wet brush, painting knife, or texture tool to create a variety of gorgeous effects. You can dissolve them in water and apply them with a spray bottle, or add them to wax paste or gel mediums for body. The instructional leaflet shows you all the basics and is sure fuel your drive to experiment.

Manufactured in Sheffield, England, for more than 35 years, Brusho Crystal Colors are completely non-toxic and non-hazardous.


Sheila Brown – Drawing Class

Astoria Art Loft

Sheila Brown
   April 16, 23, 30 & May 7th
   1:00pm  – –  4:00pm
COST for 4 Sessions:

  Sheila Brown lives and works in the inspiring town of Astoria, Oregon, on the north coast.  Known locally for her black and white linoleum block prints she also ventures into other mediums like pen and ink and watercolor.
Art has always been “the thing” for Sheila.  It makes her happy, satisfied, fulfilled.   After receiving much adoration for painting Christmas scenes on her father’s office window and posters for the local rodeo parade, she moved on to enjoy all manner of art adventures.  Sheila loves the challenge of learning to work with a new ‘toy’.  Over the this has included: clay, acrylic, linoleum block prints, colored pencil, pen and ink, graphite, watercolor, not to mention basket, painted bowls, and barn-door murals.
This award-winning artist has been juried into the Benefit Show and Sale at the Portland Art Museum 2 years running, 2009 and 2010.  Sheila has taught classes in linoleum block printing and drawing and donates artwork to several local nonprofit organizations each year.  As a member of 3 local art groups, Sheila shows her work at a variety of venues.  Look for her work at the “Palette Puddlers Show and Sale” in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
Recently busy exploring this lovely corner of the world, Sheila again experiment with watercolors, and her present project creating an all ages coloring book.

#2 and other assorted graphite pencils

1 White Plastic Eraser
A Kneaded Eraser is also helpful
Drawing tablet 8” X 10” or larger
Carl Dalio – Watercolor painting workshop
Astoria Art Loft
Watercolor Workshop Carl Dalio
When:  May 9, 2016 @ 9:00 am – May 12, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Where: The Astoria Art Loft, 106 3rd St, Astoria, OR 97103
Cost: $298.00
Contact: Scott Leahing – 503-325-5081
Watercolor Dynamics – Think outside the box of your photos
Astoria, Oregon -Watercolor Workshop Carl Dalio
Learn to create powerhouse watercolors using your own photo references in a watercolor workshop with master painter Carl Dalio. Are you tired of struggling with your photos and being disappointed with your watercolor results? Painting from life is certainly the best teacher for the effects of light and color. But when that’s not possible, many artists turn to their photo references and get trapped into “reporting” what the photo is dictating, detail by detail. Learn how to transform static camera images into inspired, passion-filled paintings that celebrate our human selves in this watercolor workshop. AWS and NWS Signature member Carl Dalio, will show you how to create vibrant paintings that not only get into exhibitions but win awards.In this watercolor workshop, Carl will guide you through the necessary steps to obtain valuable, quality photo references, to develop story line concepts, to edit and simplify subject matter and to evolve dynamic compositions filled with light-energized color. His watercolor workshop will also cover simple concepts to a pain-free understanding of perspective.Each day in this four day watercolor workshop Carl will begin with a demonstration painting, followed by brief concept exercises and lots of personal painting time. There will be daily critiques and, whether individual or group, they will be positive and honest and are always intended to support and inspire.
About Carl Dalio
International artist, Carl Dalio, is well known for his expressive use of color and his friendly, easy-going teaching style. He has conducted inspiring watercolor workshop demonstrations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and Indonesia. His paintings, infused with vibrant light and saturated color, have appeared six times on the covers of national art magazines.  He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS), National Watercolor Society (NWS) and Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society. He has served as a juror for numerous national exhibitions including the AWS and NWS. In joyfully sharing his experiences as a professional artist, Carl’s goal is to encourage students to find and engage their own personal and creative spirits.
See his latest Inspirational Painting Videos @

Carl Dalio Painting Workshop

Watercolor Dynamics – Paint outside the box of your photos

May 9-12, 2016
Astoria, Oregon
For this four day workshop, I will be using the following supplies for watercolor demonstrations and class exercises. I do not require that you purchase supplies that match this list; however, if you decide to use art supplies/brands you already own and use ( economical as well as personal taste ), expect some variations in painting results.
Please bring resource photographs from which to work (15 – 20 or more!… allows for better choices). Your own photographs are best. Please do not bring magazine ads or reproductions of paintings as resource photographs. Please include the following subjects: landscapes, buildings, street scenes, still life. Also include subjects of your choice if you like. In choosing subject photos, consider the variety and size of shapes to fill the format in developing an interesting composition. Consider: Is their enough substance in the photograph to create an understandable, visual communication? Is the subject too simple? Is the subject too complex?


Lynne Johnson – Collage Class

Astoria Art Loft

COLLAGE:  Creating with Whatever
 Instructor:  Lynne Johnson
Dates:  Saturdays, May 14 and 21, 2016
Time:  10am – 1:30pm  (3 hours + ½ hour for lunch)
Cost:  $70.00
          Come learn about the beginnings and history of collage and explore the many variations of this playful medium.  Then, design and create your own unique collages using whatever materials you choose.  There will be plenty of tie each day to play and experiment with this medium as well as time for interacting and collaborating with classmates.

Glue stick  –  –  an old phone book (or plenty of scrap paper)
Scissors  – –  Exacto knife  (#11 blades)   Cutting mat or piece of cardboard
Collage ingredients of you choosing:  old magazines, catalogs, calendars, maps, stamps, greeting cards, old posters, pressed plants, & flowers, travel brochures, fabric, photo, etc.
Also, please bring your lunch.  Coffee, teas, and water will be provided.
Lynne is a lifelong artist who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in biology and a Teaching Master’s in art.  She has worked in many different media:  graphic design and illustration, drawing, watercolor, printmaking ceramics, stained glass, colored pencil, and collage. She has lived in Astoria for the past 27 years.  In 1991-1992, she produced the “Astoria Doorway” Calendar from a series of ink drawings of historic home and downtown buildings. Currently, she is creating a series of miniature surrealistic landscape collage in her Astoria studio.

Sketch Astoria

June 4th

When: June 4, 2016 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Where:Ron & Derek
Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies
303 Marine Dr
Astoria, OR 97103
Cost: $85.00Ron sketching

Join National AWS member Ron Stocke and Derek Gundy for a day of sketching around beautiful Astoria.
Ron D Stocke & Derek Gundy of Sketch Seattle travel to Astoria, Oregon for an amazing day of sketching June 4th, 2016. We’ll be hosted by Scott Leahing of Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies, a well known local art supply store that brings a lot of Art Education opportunities to Astoria locals throughout the year. Using them as our home base, we’ll have access to the waterfront, views of the bridge, and the heart of downtown.
In 2013, Northwest artists Ron Stocke & Derek Gundy decided they wanted to collaborate on a special art educational project. IRon with his accoridan sketchbookn 2014, tRon Sketchinghey created Sketch Seattle. They wanted it not only to inspire artists to sketch regularly, but also have it be one of the most powerful tools in their studio work as well. Locations have included Gas Works Park, Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, Seattle Center, & Port Townsend, WA. In addition to adding Astoria, Oregon to their list, Ron & Derek also hope to begin in Portland, Oregon & San Francisco California in the future.
The very first Sketch Astoria will be held Saturday June 4th, 2016. Cost is $85 for each student. The event features a full day of sketching instruction around key areas of Astoria, and we’ll be based outRons sketch of Dots and Doodles Art Supplies at 303 Marine Drive. Our hosts Scott and Tim will help supply all students with the supplies they will need. Details will be released soon. Watch the video above to get a sense of how fun our workshops are!Ron Stocke on location
Our workshops sell out months in advance. We are now accepting registrations below. It is better to reserve a spot now than to be put on a waiting list later. Our cancellation policy is we always go rain or shine, if it rains we will have already scouted indoor venues where we can sketch, including Dots & Doodles. If we cancel the event, everyone receives a full refund. Any registered student may cancel outside of 30 days before a class and receive a full refund. 30 to 15 days before an event cancellation we issue 50% refund. We do not issue refunds for cancellations made 14 days or under before any class.

If you have any questions please email us at
Sketch Astoria, June 4th, 2016, $85

Brigitte Willse Driftwood Owl Workshop


 Instructor:  Brigitte Willse
Date:  Saturday, July 23
Time:  10:00 – 3:30 
           (5 hour class – ½ hour lunch)
Maximum number of students:  12 only
Cost:  $48.00 workshop fee
          $12.00 for all supplies
In this class you will be making an owl using ocean worn driftwood.  With basic carving and painting techniques provided by the instructor, you will give both style and personality to your creation.
Your owl will add a whimsical touch to any room in the house or it will make a charming addition handing outside from a tree.
Brigitte is an artist who recently made Astoria her home.  She specializes in up-cycling as she works in many mediums.  Metalsmithing, jewelry design, and collage are some of the mixed media art forms that she enjoys.
So come and join in the fun as we make our own “parliament” of owls.
Bring your own lunch or pick up a quick bite to eat at one of several nearby restaurants.


David Kitler – 3 Day Drawing Workshop

Drawing Workshop at The Astoria Art Loft

Aug 5th – 7th

9:00 am 4:00 pm each day
David Kitler – International wildlife artist
in Astoria, Oregon

Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supplies and The Astoria Art Loft are proud to present international wildlife artist, David Kitler, to Astoria where he will lead a 3 day comprehensive drawing workshop. David will provide intensive instruction to a limited number of participants
Day 1, am:
David will spend the the morning introducing and reviewing drawing materials (different types of pencils, paper and accompanying materials), after which he will then discuss concepts related to basic shapes and values.
Day 1, pm:
In the afternoon David will engage student participation – either a still life grouping of collected material from outside, going outside to draw, or working from reference brought in by students.
Day 2, am:
On the second morning David continue to explore more on textures and techniques as well as more work on previous days drawing.
Day 2, pm:
On the second afternoon David will introduce water soluble graphite to the mix as well as some journaling discussion. If the weather permits then David will have participants do some drawing outside.
Day 3, am:
On the third morning David will touch on more advanced techniques (airbrushing graphite, drawing on gessoed board, scratch board, etc, and the workshop would finish with an introduction to adding color to a pencil sketch.
David Kitler Video(below) from CCP video Productions

Sandi Kelley – Zentangles

Astoria Art Loft Events

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Sandi Kelley

Join  Sandi  for a 4 session class.             
When:  August 13, 20, 27, and/or Sept 3 or 17
Time:  1:00PM  – –  4:00PMJoin Dots ‘N D
Where:  Astoria Art Loft
                106  3rd Street

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