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Walnut Hollow® | Creative Versa-Tool® Points

The Creative Versa Tool from Walnut Hollow is possibly one of the best all around tools that we use around our shop. This is truly a versatile tool that we have used on wood, metal and leather. The best part is that it works great on each product, not just one!

Included in the Versa Tool kit is a hot tool with a variable temperature control, a tool stand, storage case, 11 interchangeable points, lead free solder and instructions and techniques for using the tool.

Products that can be used with the Versa Tool include; leather, plastic, synthetic fabrics, wax, cork, iron-on embellishments, wood, natural fabrics, paper, stencil cutting, ceramics, foam core board, foam pumpkins and soldering.

The tips consist of a universal point, flow point, tapered point, calligraphy point, shading point, transfer point, hot kinfe point, soldering point and three hot stamp points.

Hot tool featuring variable temperature control. This tool has options and functions for all types of needs. Wood burning, leather crafting, soldering, stamping, hot knife cutting, transferring, embossing, personalizing and much more.


  • Creative Versa-Tool® featuring variable temperature control and comfort grip
  • 11 interchangeable points
  • Lead-free solder
  • Storage case
  • Tool stand
  • Instructions


By R.A. McQuay on February 2, 2015
I’m a novice woodburner but have found the Versa Tool easy to use. Most surprising was how quickly it heats up and it does get very hot. The hottest setting on the dial was too hot and I was scorching surrounding areas so I turned it down a bit. I also found that if you stop using it for a minute, touch a piece of scrap wood before continuing otherwise it will burn too quickly and leave a deeper, darker, mark than you may want.
By A. Sobieski on August 17, 2015
This has been a super fun purchase for me! Not many people I know have a wood burning kit, so everyone is really impressed with what I am able to do with this. For the inexpensive price, I expected less from this, but it’s actually quite amazing.
I’ve only used this a couple of times, only for wood burning, and I have only used 2 tips: the one it came with and the rounded one. The rounded one, in my opinion, is much, much easier to manipulate when wood burning. I was frustrated when I tried the first tip, but pleasantly surprised when I switched to the rounded tip. I’m excited to try others, and I am also hoping to get some stencils so that I can play around more with it!
So far, I burned my dogs name into a bone for her food/water station that my husband and I made together and I made a gift for my friend for her bridal shower. Her family was impressed that this was made using a simple kit at home!
The tool is 25 watts.Versa tool versa2 versa3 versa4 versa5 versa6
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