Astoria Rocks

 Well it seems that the next big thing is rock painting.

First there were the Artist Trading Cards, then Zentangles, then came coloring books and now rock painting. Now this is not to say that these things were not around before or that they have gone away, but there certainly is a ‘rock wave’ and I’m having fun with it.  It is kind of addictive and takes my mind off other things, plus I don’t don’t need too much.  To my surprise there are thousands of rock painters right here in Astoria Oregon..who would have guessed. So I decided ‘let me check if this is just a local phenomena or what’. Well who would have guessed…it is national. Miami rocks and every other city rocks – the list goes on. You simply find the groups on Face Book and then join them. Well I did. At first I thought what a silly thing but in reality it is quite wonderful. I have been searching all over the internet ([]=painted%7Crecentsearch%7C1&term_meta[]=rocks%7Crecentsearch%7C1) and there are some amazing rock paintings (as well as horrible ones) but who care. The family loves it, it gets them out, it’s cheap, and anybody can do it. If you ask me it is a win win situation. To the skeptics – give it a try. To the ultra skeptics keep doing what you’re doing … you are missing out on the fun.


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