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November 2018
As it turns out this one time opportunity presented itself and Dots ‘N Doodles was able to obtain a limited supply of pure Kolinskys Sable watercolor brushes.  These brushes are called Extreme Kolinsky and are produced by Jack Richeson Art.


The in-store discount will be 70% off
If you are reading this and bring in the coupon below your price will be 80% off
Retail 70% off 80% off
Sable #5 Round $13.75 $4.13 $2.75
Kolinsky #2 Round $16.15 $4.85 $3.25
Kolinsky #4 Round $23.75 $7.13 $4.75
Kolinsky #5 Round $47.55 $14.27 $9.51
Kolinsky #6 Round $59.45 $17.84 $11.89
Kolinsky #12 Round $225.05 $67.52 $45.01
Kolinsky #14 Round $319.20 $95.76 $63.84
Kolinsky #1.5” Flat $405.80 $121.74 $81.16
Kolinsky #1” Flat $238.05 $71.42 $47.61
Kolinsky #0.75” Flat $151.50 $45.45 $30.30
Kolinsky #0.5” Flat $95.15 $28.55 $19.03


EXTREME Kolinsky Brushes
Over the years, we have observed a shift in the quality of Fine Artist Brushes. As the market drives prices down, eventually a lowering of quality can occur. Richeson has sought out the world’s finest brush maker to produce a Kolinsky watercolor brush that will exceed the dreams and demands of the most discriminating painter. Each brush is carefully created by hand using only the highest possible percentage of male hair.
Quality to challenge any Kolinsky
watercolor brush
Loads and releases color evenly
Point and snap that painters
dream and yearn for
Made by skilled German artisans

What is Kolinsky?
The first known use of the name Kolinsky was around 1851. The term refers to several varieties of Asian Weasels. Most typically referenced is the Marten weasel. The yellowish brown tail from the weasel is used to make high grade artist brushes.  The finest Kolinsky hair comes from the Kolin Peninsula and then from a very high ratio of male hair to female hair. The female lives in an underground burrow and is rarely outside. The male is the hunter and forager. He hunts to bring food back to the family. Because he is outdoors most of the time, his coat is rich and thick and long. Their natural diet is one reason why farming these weasels has never been very successful.


Cotton Art Panels

Dots ‘N Doodles now has a variety of sizes of the Cotton Art Panels available in stock.
20% off introductory price
Jack Richeson Cotton Canvas Panels have a soft tooth finish, which makes them the perfect painting surface for oils, alkyds, acrylics, and casein, and other water-based paints. They are warp-resistant and moisture-resistant because they are mounted on high-density fiberboard. Our canvas panels are coated with high-quality acrylic gesso that acts as an archival barrier between the HDF and canvas, and the canvas is triple-primed.
They come in three textures: Extra Fine, Fine and Medium Surface- Extra Fine, which is smooth and perfect for portrait painting; Fine, which has slight texture; and Medium, which has texture.
Perfect high quality for professions at a price even a student can afford!


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