TIPS on using POSCA Markers

Posca tips
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TIPS on using POSCA Markers
Posca tips
How to prime POSCA?
Shake the marker vigorously with the cap securely attached in order to move the ball inside the barrel. On a test sheet, press the tip down several times to start the paint flowing. Replace the cap tightly after use.
Posca tips
How to use POSCA brush?
Shake the marker vigorously with the cap securely attached in order to move the ball inside the barrel. To use the marker, remove the cap and the protection on the push button. Press and hold the push button to start the paint flowing. Replace the cap tight after use.
Another tip: You do not need to press the push button for too long and only once the cap has been removed.
Why should I test POSCA before use?
Paint flow is controlled by a valve and a piston mechanism. To regulate and optimize the flow, try on a piece of paper before use.
Another tip: Keep the scrap paper in case you need to prime POSCA again.      
What are Posca’s paint characteristics?
The paint is both opaque and fluid, smooth and dense with a wide coverage. It can be mixed, diluted and overlaid. The rendering is similar to that of acrylic.  So, how to mix colors? You can mix them directly onto the surface as long as the paint is wet. There’s no need to pre-mix them in a different bowl or palette.  It is ideal to overlay colors. As the paint dries quickly, you can cover a layer by a new one within a minute and without smudges. Even light colors can perfectly overlay with dark ones.
Is POSCA’s paint permanent?
POSCAs are water-based pigment paint markers which can write on any surface. Paint is permanent on porous surfaces, and removable on non-porous surfaces such as glass. You can further optimize its adherence by following one of the next three steps: apply a varnish (see the workshop with salt dough magnets), bake in the oven (ceramic…) or iron (see the ecological bag workshop).
Is POSCA refillable?
You cannot refill POSCA. Some users do reuse paint from one marker to another, in particular to mix colors. Mitsubishi Pencil Company has however not designed it for that use.
What is the drying time?
The drying time is extremely quick. Generally, the paint dries quicker on porous surfaces than on smooth ones. In any case, wait a few minutes and the paint will be dry.
Are tips replaceable?
The tips of the following references can be replaced when dirty or worn: POSCA PC-1M, PC-3M, PC-5M, PC-8K and PC-17K.
Posca tips
What should I do when the tip has dried?
Don’t panic if you have lost the cap and the tip has completely dried. Thanks to the piston and valve mechanism, you can flow paint once again by priming the POSCA marker again.
Another tip: In case the tip is extremely dry, you can take it out simply by pulling and rinse it with water.
How to avoid bleeding?
The valve and piston mechanism prevents bleeding. To control the flow, press the tip down on scrap paper when priming POSCA.
What do you mean by Watercolor effect?
You can create great gradation effects with Posca’s paint, also referred as a watercolor effect. You only have to be careful you perform it before the paint dries. Once the paint has dried, you cannot dilute it but you can overlay the colors
Posca tips
How to correct a mistake?
If you have missed a line or got the wrong color: overlay! With POSCA, you can overlay colors as many times as you wish.
Another tip: Wait until the first layer has dried before applying another one.
Can I use Posca to paint on skin?
POSCA can easily be cleaned off the skin and is non-toxic. However, it is not a cosmetic and has not been tested against cosmetic or dermatology standards. The manufacturer will therefore not be responsible for possible reactions on the skin if used incorrectly.
Is Posca Toxic?
POSCA’s paint is water-based, without solvents and is odorless.
In fact, beekeepers use it to identify the queen in beehives! A color corresponds to each year which enables them to determine the insect’s age.
Can children use them?
POSCAs are water-based markers. They are odorless and totally safe for children to use. However, as they are quite technical, we recommend them for children over 5 years old.
Posca tips
How to store your makers?
POSCAs can be stored horizontally or vertically. However, it is preferable to store POSCA brush horizontally. The ball inside the barrel enables paint to flow at any time. The paint being perfectly preserved in the barrel.
Do I need some specific material to use POSCA?
You do not need material such as a brush, a cloth nor water: POSCAs enable you to paint neatly and accurately. You do not need any additional materials.
PAPER Tracing paper, photo paper…
POSCA markers adhere perfectly to all types of paper and cardboard such as tracing paper, photo paper or cardboard. The paint does not bleed through paper and is resistant through time. The adherence can be  further optimized using varnish.
Posca tips
POSCA’s on Fabric
POSCA can write on any type of fabric and is resistant to washing once it has been ironed. We have tested POSCA’s compatibility on a wide selection of fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and leatherette.  Of course, the resistance will depends on the type of fabric. To fix colors, iron the fabric on the reverse side, using no steam.
Posca tips
To optimize adherence, wash the fabric before customizing with POSCA. On delicate fabrics, we suggest you start drawing outlines and then color progressively in order to avoid bleeding.
MINERAL Perfect adherence
POSCA is impeccable on clays, stones and rocks, cement etc… Its adherence is perfect and the line definition is fine. You can apply a varnish or bake in the oven (depending on materials) to optimize its adherence and resistance. On smooth or shiny surfaces, make small circular and regular movements when painting to achieve a neat result.
POSCA is ideal for creative works. Your works can evolve following your inspiration. Once baked in the oven, they will become permanent.
WOOD POSCA is ideal for wood
POSCA is ideal for creations on wood. See the rendering on different kinds of wood and the steps to follow to optimize your works’ freshness.It absorbs quickly into untreated wood, should be mostly dry after about 5 minutes, it was good after 5 on smooth non absorbent surfaces
Posca tips
METAL Indoor and outdoor
We have tested POSCA’s adherence, line definition, resistance to rubbing, to water… on aluminum, iron and coated steel.
All types of plastic Did you know that POSCA’s paint adheres perfectly to latex? That it can be fixed on vinyl or PVC by ironing under a cloth? To discover POSCA’s proprieties on all types of plastic, read here!
Choose: permanent or non-permanent?
POSCA writes on glass and can be cleaned off with a damp cloth*. Your creations and markings on glass can be either non-permanent or permanent once baked in the oven.
Posca tips
POSCA can also write on:
Smooth and raw leather, suede and even wax or eggshell.


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Posca tips

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