You Are In My Rear View Mirror


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Rear View Mirror

From my perspective, and I consider my perspective rather average, it seems to me that the world of art has not been spared by Covid. But we are creative beings and we are going to connect with each other somehow.

Now I know that nothing can beat the in-person live contact experience but it seems that the cyber world has provided us with an opportunity to reach a wide array of people. AND people we might not have otherwise been able to. Example in point, and artist acquaintance of mine asked if he could conduct a ZOOM class, live here in our store in Oregon. His audience is The Florida Watercolor Society 3000 miles away – consider that.

How amazing it is that we can reach through cyberspace and touch the lives of others. Growing up I didn’t have a telephone answering machine as non were available commercially and here we are today visiting with people around the globe, at the touch of a button. So I am still amazed, and will continue to be amazed, and in awe of this technology even as I see my niece and nephew taking it for granted. The lesson here is – how much we are accustomed to that our own parents were not

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Rear View Mirror

Like it or not, and this one of those moments that I can tell you I’m right (’cause I’m often not) that if you are an artist, a gallery, a designer and any number of other creative beings you will have to find someway to reach your audience as we spend our time sequestered in our home. Be it Skype or Zoom or on line You Tube classes, Face Book or some other social platform I am going to recommend that you bite the bullet, dust off your ambivalence, get down to the grindstone and learn how to use these mediums.

Otherwise, as Arnold puts it “Hasta La Vista Baby” and I’ll see you in my rear view mirror.

Nothing wrong in being left behind, digitally handicapped, if that’s where you want to be.

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Rear View Mirror

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