Realistic Eyes

I met a new artist who recently moved to the Pacific North West from Washington D.C. – Michael Clark

It’s all in the eyes and the gestures, Realistic Eye(s), Michael captures it.

Escaping from the intense politics that engulfs Washington D.C., Michael has now moved to Washington (ironic) where he is settling in and can quietly pursue his work.  Michael is an amazing, unassuming hyper realistic artist whose passion is clear; he is very focused on the quality of his work and it shows. Kudos to Michael and I am sure we will see much more from him.


Here are some samples of Michael’s drawings

Realistic Eye Realistic Eye Realistic Eye Realistic Eye Realistic Eye Realistic Eye

    Looking Into Your Eyes – Poem by Yasmeen Khan

    When I look into your eyes
    Without a word and a sigh
    I see a glimpse of wisdom and poise
    The storm in the heart but no noise
    I see smiles and a thousand goodbyes
    A gentle spark and twinkle of stars
    Warmth of love and kindness shines
    Tears and laughs sweetly combine
    Deep as oceans calm and serene
    Glimmering candles in halos sheen
    Soothing dreams of love and affection
    Lightened windows with faith and credence
    How your eyes are guiding lights
    In the murk of grief like fireflies
    Be assured yours is the long flowery path
    Your patience evades the Fate’s wrath
    God loves all sweet souls and patient hearts
    Your beaming eyes dissipate all swarth

    Eye Drawing – Time Lapse | Hyper Realistic Drawing Check out the full drawing process in this YouTube video! A time lapse of the drawing from beginning to end. How to draw a “Realistic Eye Drawing – Time Lapse”, by Mahesh Pendam.

    Realistic Eye


    Emmy Kalia  

    How to draw, shade a realistic eye with teardrop | Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

    Published on May 10, 2016 – you tube




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